You’ve got or had a successful business or career, you’ve saved and invested, and now you want your assets to yield the best possible income for your retirement. We’ll advise you on the best structure and administration of your assets so that you maximize the income, and protect and grow your assets. Along with our Self Managed Super Fund and Estate Planning Services Abeveda, we’ll help you to invest and nurture your assets for your retirement, and beyond.


Estate Planning
Keep it in the family Don’t let everything you have worked for go to the tax office! With sufficient planning you can make sure your loved ones receive as much as possible of your legacy. We’ll work with your lawyers to ensure the best overall result for your beneficiaries, protecting your assets and utilizing all the available tax free transfers and thresholds.

General Advice for Growing Businesses
So you’ve got your financial statements. What do they tell you? We’ll help you to interpret your historical results and work with you to identify opportunities to improve performance and achieve your business goals. From using technological marketing tactics to improve sales performance, to ways of cutting costs or managing cash, we’ll offer you support and advice to keep you on track.

Start up Businesses
Just starting a business and unclear about what you have to do to stay on the right side of the tax office? Do you know what you can claim on your tax return, and what benefits are available to you as a small business? Have you spent money developing a new product?

Many people have bright ideas that could turn into a real money spinner. But without the correct information and systems to control the Accounting finances, analyse how well the business is doing, and meet reporting deadlines, promising businesses can turn into a drain on resources, and create a lot of stress.

When it comes to start-up or young businesses, you can trust us to give you sound advice and make sure you haven’t forgotten something that can later come back to bite you. We’ve assisted clients in many high tech, developing technology and niche industries to set up their businesses correctly, claim all the tax breaks available to them, and provide accurate and timely information on their business results to help them steer it in the right direction. New industries are our favorite challenge, and we’ll use our extensive experience and creative thinking to find the right solution for you.

Examples of areas where we can really help new businesses are:

Make sure that you have the most efficient business structure – be it sole trader, trust, partnership or proprietary company.
Advise you on all the paperwork you need to file to register your business.
Advise you on all the expenses you can claim in set up mode and ongoing operations, with particular attention to Research & Development.
Help you determine whether there are government grants or other funds available to you
Help you set up bookkeeping, record keeping, accounting systems and procedures to capture data accurately and on time.
Ensure your tax invoices are set up correctly and contain the appropriate information.
Set up and manage your payroll, PAYG, BAS returns, and management accountants.
Provide regular data to you on the performance and profitability of your business so that you can make timely decisions on where you focus your efforts and cash.
We’ll ensure you build the strong roots and foundations for your business to grow and flourish.