If you have bought a used vehicle, than it is necessary to correct its balance and wheel alignment. It is necessary because irregularities can occur in wheel alignment due to the wear component legs of car. Car wrapping Balancing and spooring should be performed on regular basis to avoid this thing.

Spooring helps in the alignment of the wheels of both sides (right and left). If the wheels are not aligned they can cause a car to sway or become shaky.

Balancing is done to make the front wheels parallel to the rear wheels. It is also done to avoid the small vibrations in a moving car. If the rear wheels are not parallel to the front wheels, the car can become unstable. These processes also help to avoid unsteady effects and assure the driving safety.

Interference in the steering wheel can also cause unsteady phenomena. It can occur due to following reasons:

  • Putting less oil for power steering
  • Weakness in the front suspension system can cause vibrations in steering.
  • If the wind pressure in each tire is different, than it can cause problem with the steering wheel.
  • Free movements of the steering wheel can occur if the sector adjustment shafts are not appropriately placed.

The test for balancing and spooring should be done at the speed of 100 km/h to feel the unsteady phenomena.

How to find the perfect time to do car balancing and spooring?

  • When you feel the vibrations in the steering wheel that is interfering with the comfort of your driving.
  • Another sigh is when you feel that the car has taken a corner without the change in steering wheel control.
  • Check regularly for the tears of your tires. If bumps are present on your tires then it indicates that there might be any problem with the suspension system.
  • When you feel that your steering wheel has become uncomfortable and is not as smooth as before.
  • Check whether you feel a shock while starting the car.

How to prevent car from unsteady:

Balancing and spooring should be done regularly. Refer your service manuals for this process as each car has different suspension systems.

Do the rotation of the tires regularly and correctly in order to prevent unsteadiness.

While installing the wheels, follow the directions that are mentioned on the tires and apply the wind pressure that is given by the manufacturer.

It is better to check the tires, rims, suspensions and the condition of vehicle before starting the repair process.

In order to get the maximum benefit from spooring and balancing, try to use your own workshop equipments that are manufactured according to your car.

Do not replace the tires with old tires as they are a high risk for your safety.

If your tire has become flat, use the spare tire that is of the same size as your original tires to avoid unsteadiness. If you don’t have the spare tire that fits the original size than you can use that tire in emergency situations until you get another one.