What’s in the Box?
The SA Sports Fever Crossbow
Owner’s manual
Warranty card
Assembly tools
A padded shoulder strap
Stringer cable
Rope cocking device
Four (4) 16’’ arrows
Multi-range scope

Inexpensive and easy to assemble, the Fever (as it is fondly called) is a good starter crossbow for many, taking you less than an hour to finish assembling it: simply start with the foot stirrup, install the limb next, and finally string the bow. (Remember to use the stringer cable included in the package to prevent your crossbow from being improperly strung.)
After which, continue putting the pieces together (bolts and screws included), mount the scope and putting the quiver together

The Power of the SA Sports Fever Crossbow
Weighing just under 5 pounds, this lightweight crossbow can take down or at least, immobilise deer and similar animals with one shot.
Cocking the SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package is fairly easy as it includes a rope cocking device which makes the crossbow pull out nice and smoothly as expected from a recurve bow.
The Fever’s scope is good enough, giving you clear images and even has good fog protection, however, one known downside of the Fever is its terrible accuracy, even though you can secure your scope tightly, it still has a tendency to be all wobbly, especially when you’re moving around in the woods.

It has a heavy draw of 175 pounds, fires arrows at 240 feet per second, giving it around 5.1 pounds of kinetic which makes it enough to take down the likes of deers and elks, the Fever comes with a rope cocking device which makes it easy to shoot your target. Although a 4 x 32 scope is included in the Fever’s package, don’t expect much from it as tends to wobble a lot even though it is assembled tightly, it doesn’t have any illumination or low light capabilities, however, you can still use the scope during daylight even in cold temperatures.
Most users of the Fever recommend that you use protective eyewear during a hunt.

The Fever includes four (4) 16-inch arrows made from aluminum, while you may hunt with these arrows with the right kind of bolts (arrows) and a bit of luck, don’t be surprised if you find yourself changing to better arrows in the middle of the hunt as many owners of the Fever have cited that its arrows are not very durable.
Another flaw of the Fever is its design, especially with its trigger pull because it has a very long draw and it doesn’t break even, while some lubrication can indeed help but it still won’t give you a cleaner break; nonetheless the Fever can last for a few hunting seasons as long as proper care is given.

The Fever is a perfect starter crossbow as it is adequate enough to provide you with enough power to take down bucks and deers, however this isn’t a suitable crossbow for long time usage especially if you are serious about hunting, yes you can get your shots with the Fever but because of it’s terrible accuracy, you will have a hard time with the groupings as it can be too wide or too far.