Pole Dance has simply captured the world – as a dance and as a sport. Many viewers, who are familiar with it, like Striptease dance , believe that this is debauchery, and that it is impossible to seriously deal with it. But almost everyone says it’s beautiful. And those who are familiar with it from the side of sports – like Pole Dance , believe that this is cool. But they say that something is missing in it. And it’s not as beautiful as a striptease. And that it’s still more of a sport. So what’s the difference, and where is that beauty facet? Let’s start with a striptease. Striptease in English is to undress and tease. What you see in any nightclub strip club in Moscow. But more on that later. So, the dance Striptease is a dance where the girls go on stage, make different, beautiful movements by the pole,

A couple of uncomplicated twists, a little orchestra and of course, during the dance, the girl gradually undresses. In some clubs, she will remain naked. And some clubs adhere to topless, i.e. Bare chest. In principle, nothing complicated – a good suit, beautiful music, beautiful make-up – that’s the purpose of this dance – undressing, teasing. And no one expected a striptease dancer, racks and acrobatic stunts until the Pole Dance appeared . So, Pole Dance . This is a dance where stroking movements that resemble erotic are forbidden. Here, no one pays much attention to costume and make-up .

Here, you’ll see very few people on their heels, it’s at best – jazz or ballet, and at worst – barefoot. Here, music exists by itself, and the girl – by herself, But it’s a crazy stretch, an excellent performance of complex tricks, it’s no less complicated twists and bunches. There is no eroticism, undressing and communicating with the public through the game. This is a complex acrobatic sport. So why do you often confuse one with another? And what do you really want?

What else do you miss? Yes, of course – a pole. But before I introduce you to Pole Danching , I would like you to visit the lessons of AVT , as you will need a good strength in the muscles of the hands and feet. And your subject number 4 – AVT + Stretching . Well, the last thing you need to master for the full picture of the cherished dance,
Many schools make a huge mistake, focusing only on stretching and Pole Dance . Six months later, at one of the reporting concerts, it is very clear on the stage that girls are not wearing high heels, and some people do not wear them at all. That their movements are like aerobics, and even though they are complex, the movements do not have beauty, the eyes do not transmit fire, the person does not carry the image and the soul is absolutely empty. In a word, sport, not dance. Undoubtedly, in my Studio I combine and share several, namely 5 different genres. To combine these genres together is my and your goal. Since the dance to which we aspire, must be perfect and of inescapable beauty. If you still want to know all that you have read here, then you are on the right track and Welcome to the Pole Dance School!