The North Bay and District Dental Society is voluntary organization composed of licensed dentists who have joined together to advance the art and science of dentistry.
We are a component society of the Ontario Dental Association.

The Society’s mission is to:
* Ensure the public’s access to quality oral health care.
* Promote the highest standards of dental practice.
* Represent the interests of the dental profession as a whole, more specifically within our area.
* Provide a forum for professional communication within the dental community.
Continuing education (CE) is an important part of our multifaceted profession. It enables us to grow not only professionally but also personally. It can teach us ways to de-stress our lives as well as inform us of new treatments and procedures. NBDDS is a strong advocate of continuing education for it’s members. It was through the hard work of our members that top quality courses are available from time to time right here in North Bay. In addition, as a group we also share professional knowledge and skills through frequent study club meetings.

The society was founded in 1934. Because continuing education opportunities were difficult to access at the time, the original purpose was to share professional knowledge in an informal manner. Soon after being founded our opportunities to serve the community were realized. Working hard the NBDDS has had several achievements for the benefit of dental health in this community.
They are:
1950’s – before government assisted programs NBDDS dentists volunteered one day a week to provide dental care to underprivileged children.
1963 – the society helped win the fluoridation plebiscite for the city. Since fluoride has been added to the North Bay drinking water, children have enjoyed less cavities.
1971- the dental assistants course started at Canadore Co11ege. This was initially staffed entirely by volunteer dental assistants and dentists fast teeth whitening Swansea. This was a very positive step for the community as without well-trained dental auxiliaries the administration of quality dental care is at best difficult. As a society we still support all dental programs at the college.
I971- NBDDS started the Mouthguard clinic. Working with Wyatt Dental Laboratory , we fabricated athletic rnouthguards for hockey and football players This program continues today.
1970’s- The dental professional community organized the first annual Dental Public Health Week. For twenty years now we have raised much awareness about preventative dentistry with our mall display . As with many of our programs, we share this effort and glory with our dental assistants, dental hygienists ,and Wyatt and Impact Dental Laboratories.

What we do
Mouthguard Clinic
To prevent injuries while playing contact sports we recommend the use of a custom fabricated mouth guard.
Sports such as hockey, football squash,, broomball, ringette, soccer, martial arts or basketball are considered contact. We felt it was so important our school athletes playing these sports have access to a custom mouthguard at an affordable price that we started this program some twenty years ago.
Emergency Call System
The On-call system is run by the NBDDS. The dentists who participate do so on a volunteer basis. The purpose is to treat patients who have a “true emergency” only.
What is Considered a “true emergency” ?
facial swelling and infection a toothache too much to tolerate and not relieved by over the counter pain-killers
dental accidents (chipped tooth, knocked out tooth, etc.)
post-surgical pain and swelling where your dentist is not available
Sorry, a lost or broken denture is not considered a true emergency, please see your dentist during regular office hours If you have a “true emergency” call your dentist and he will deal with your problem. If your dentist is unavailable or you do not have one, there is a dentist available around the clock.

NBDDS Directory of Dentist
What services the dentist provides to you at the time of an emergency is based entirely on his/her professional discretion. That this service is available is in no way a substitute for regular preventive visits to a dentist during his/her office hours. Dental emergency and injury prevention is your best bet. For starters, wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports. Secondly, if you suspect you have a problem please see a dentist before it becomes a painful emergency. Lastly, learn what to do in the event of an emergency.

Dental Health Week
Every year, on the Saturday of the easter weekend, the NBDDS in co-operation with the hygienist’s and assistant’s associations have a display at a local mall ( usually the Northgate Square) to raise dental health awareness in the community. In past few years the display has been very popular with the people of all age groups. Some of the featured attractions include Barber shop singers, the Wrigley’s beaver, colouring contests and prize draws. The best thing is no one leaves empty-handed as product samples, generously donated by the dental companies, are given free to all patrons. In addition to all the fun, dentists, hygienists and assistants are on hand to answer all your dental-related questions.

Patient Relations.
Organized dentistry recognizes a responsibility toward dentists and patients by addressing disagreements regarding quality of care and professional conduct. Local patient relations committees
are operating throughout Ontario communities can mediate patient complaints in an attempt to find a mutually satisfactory resolution. These committees have no disciplinary authority and function only as an intermediary to re-establish communication between dentists and patients when misunderstandings occur. All complaints must be submitted in writing. Remember to include copies of all relevant correspondence, such as bills, explanation of benefits statements, or letters to or from your dentist.