Once you step into a spa, that feeling will never leave you, however, it’s not always that you can step inside a five-star hotel or hop on over to your favorite spa after work, and sometimes, you’d like to have your friends come along with you in your favorite spa but you’re hesitant to give them a call because you know you’ll end up burning your wallet faster than your hot tub gets heated or you and your friends might end up too noisy for everyone present in the spa.
Unsure of what brand is the best for you, eh?
Well, then – you’ve come to the right place!
We’ll help you pick your favorite hot tub that won’t burn your wallet!
Here are our top picks for the best inflatable tubs in the market today:

Lay-Z Spa Vegas Premium Series: £382.87 ($478), accommodates 4 to 6 persons and heats up to 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit) and even includes an awesome massage system that’s sure to wash away all your troubles. It includes everything you need to have your own spa experience at the comfort of your own home.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa: $349, good for 4 to 6 persons, this hot tub is a popular choice among consumers because it’s been proven and tested to give the utmost comfort and durability for most inflatable hot tubs in the market. Like most packages for inflatable hot tubs, the Coleman Lay-z Spa comes with everything you need to set up in your own home.

SaluSpa Inflatable Spa: $349, 2-4 person capacity. Considered to be the best of all inflatable hot tubs, SaluSpa has several models you can choose from (Miami, Palm Springs, Paris), albeit smaller, this is the perfect tub for you, your loved one, or a couple of friends.
Intex PureSpa: $747, 4-seating capacity, experience the same luxury as you’ve experienced in a spa hot tub, it has 120 soothing bubble jets and 4 high-powered massage jets and a heating system that will definitely remove all your troubles. It includes everything you need to have your own spa experience right in your home. Intex also offers a newer model of their hot tub and even come in different shapes and colors that will sure to make your spa experiences amazing with every soak.It even comes with a carry bag that you take with you wherever you go.
M Spa Model B-130 Camaro Hot Tub : $753, 2-4 persons, a little bit pricier than the others, this hot tub from M Spa is your heaven here on earth whether it’s for a post workout dip, playtime with your children, or to simply unwind and reconnect with your friends or loved one. This hot tub is perfect and will not be a sight for sore eyes in your home.
Canadian Spa Company: $1,594, 5 persons. Although this inflatable hot tub doesn’t come in other colors and does cost more than your regular inflatable hot tub, the Canadian Spa Company is one of the sturdiest, all-season use (yes, you can use this hot tub during winter!) round inflatable hot tub available in the market!
Hope we helped you in picking out the best inflatable hot tub that suits your preference and yes, wallet. All these hot tubs come with everything you need to have your personal inflatable hot tub right in the comfort of your own home.