best Dentist How Dr. Dolson Tripled his Profits in Less Than 2 years!
“Ed, Thanks for giving me the marketing tools, coaching advice and over-all confidence that propelled my practice from $300,000 to over $1,000,000 in less than 2 years! November was our best month ever! Your systems have made all the difference.”

Dr. Mark Dolson, O’Fallon, MO
Instant R.O.I. for Dr. Blitzer: 22 New Patients and over $20,000 billed—in 9 days!
“Ed, your marketing system works like magic! Your New Mover direct mail system just delivered 22 new patients and more than $20,000—in less than 10 days! I’ve worked with marketing consultants and advertising pros before, but no one has come close to delivering the results like you. Thank you so much!”
Dr. Seth Blitzer, Broomall, PA

In the First 6 Months!
One of my clients, Dr. Terri Watson wrote me and said, “Before I received Ed’s Free Dental Marketing Report in teeth whitening and CD, My average production through Sept. ’06 was nearly $70K but as of October 31,2006 we produced over $100K!” Dave and Jill Sisson were two weeks from Bankruptcy when they came across this very same Dental Marketing and Internet Dental Marketing Free Report and CD

Dr. Dave Sisson and Jill Sisson,
Walnut Creek Dental
Patient has agreed to the proposed treatment plan of $15,000!!!!!
I am a “newbie” to the group and I have begun the 90 day crash course. I am following your instructions and I sent out my first round of reactivation letters 2 weeks ago. I sent out about 200 of your reactivation letters ( the one you suggested on the navigator) and I received 5 calls from old patients wanting to make appointments. Well, one of the five came in this week and we did a full mouth series of x-rays and comprehensive exam. Almost every tooth needed mandatory treatment. The patient has agreed to the proposed treatment plan of $15,000!!!!! Thanks Ed for the copy which attracted this patient. Looking forward to continued success utilizing your proven systems!

Dr. Jacqueline S. Martin Washington, D.C.
“Ed, thanks to you and your fantastic systems I have been able to ramp up my practice over the last 3 years to the point where I increased my net income 4 times! Now I wasn’t struggling to begin with but I had a dream to create an autopilot dental producing machine and you have made that come true!”

Dr. Chuck Stewart
You are one crazy dude… I have one wicked sense of humor and love “spreading the wealth” with some dentist friends whom I allow to abuse my brain for free for consulting purposes, but when I mentioned what one of the things did that we used of yours, they didn’t believe me!

Mary Jakobowski
I would like to personally thank you for the great positive influence you have been in my life and career. I’ve been a silver member since October 2005. The growth has been unbelievable both personally and financially. In 2005 my collections were at $613,000. In 2006 they jumped to $857,000 and in 2007 we collected $1,300,000.
Anthony J. Ermocida, D.M.D.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think what a difference Dentist Profits would make. I have to say I was a bit skeptical about Ed’s system…until now. Going into November, it wasn’t looking good. Liz(my wife and practice manager) packed my bag and put me on the plane to the big conference November 8.. I didn’t really know what to expect.

Greg Prior
Hi all, I’m a dentist from Israel , and as far as I can recall I joined DPS at April 2007 and got Ed’s material. At first I was overwhelmed by the huge quantity of things to go over, but having a commitment to speed, started to implement right away.
Dr. Meir Aviram – Israel
“What is amazing about Dentist Profits and their program “Care to Share” program is that it gets the staff and patients involved. We have introduced it about 2 weeks ago, and the energy in my staff has increased tremendously. In addition, just yesterday we got 8 new patients referred to our office from the Care to Share program. The cost for this marketing idea is practically zero. Any dentist wanting to increase their referral ratio MUST implement this.”