Orange juice is a refreshing and delicious drink which is the favorite of countless people. It is healthy and can really quench your thirst which is why it has always been very popular among kids and adults alike. Orange juice though can have some drawbacks, such as when you accidentally spill it on your beautiful carpet. Water damage repair in Melbourne The spill can create a very noticeable stain and can ruin your carpet if you do not know how to get it out.

Facing this tough situation can really test carpet owners who are not that familiar with the proper cleaning methods for this kind of mess. If you don’t know how to handle this then it may put your carpet at risk of staying dirty and unattractive. Here is a simple guide which anyone can use to solve this problem and eliminate that orange juice stain on your carpet.

First, remove all the excess orange juice on your carpet and clear the area of any solid particles such as its pulp. You can do this by using a clean white cloth to blot out the liquid and carefully use your fingers for any solids. This will prepare your carpet for the next step of the stain removal.

Next, get a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent, a teaspoon of white vinegar, and mix all of it together with a quart of cold water. Then, put this homemade cleaning solution inside of an empty spray bottle and spray the stained area a few times. Let the stain soak in the cleaning solution for a moment and then go to the next step.

Use another clean white cloth to blot the area once more. If the carpet dries up, spray it a few times with the cleaning solution again. Just repeat doing this until the orange juice stain is completely eliminated. It may take you several attempts at blotting the stain but soon enough you will be able to get positive results and get your carpet looking like normal once again.

For the final stage of the process, get some clean water and rinse the carpet area where the spill was. This prevents any orange juice or cleaning solution residue from getting left behind and eventually causing damage to your carpet over time.

Don’t let orange juice stains ruin your beautiful carpet at home. If ever you encounter this tough ordeal just use the easy to follow guide above and get rid of that orange juice stain in no time.