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Soccer match for the first time

It’s been quite an Olympics live stream for Ireland with the boxers coming up trumps, not that there’s anything unusual about that. What was unusual was a medal from another source, in this case the equestrian team and Cian O’Connor. It is perhaps a sign of our Growing Maturity As A Nation that his success was not greeted with universal acclaim, Cian having notoriously won the gold medal in Athens only for it to be stripped from him for doping offences. Ewan MacKenna in particular was vociferous in his opinion that O’Connor was a cheat who should be shunned by all in polite society. The ‘debate’ got rather incendiary so it’s probably better reading his blog post on the subject where you’ll get a much more robust case file against O’Connor. However, one comment he made as the accusations flew back and forth struck me as misconceived, to put it mildly. You know me, very happy person, just zero tolerance of dopers. They take fun out of the greatest thing in life.

Sport, the greatest thing in life? Please. I know Ewan makes a living writing about it, although I discovered after my brief stint with Tramore Hinterland that even that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as you spend every waking hour fretting about trying to come up with something fresh to a strict deadline. And that was only for eleven weeks. To the committed supporter though, sport is a right royal pain in the arse. You lurch from triumph to disaster – mostly the latter, for there can ultimately be only one winner in any competition – with none of the sang-froid that Kipling puts forward as the exemplar of manhood. You fool yourself that all you want is for your team/man/woman to try their best, but you don’t. You want them to win and are crushed when they don’t. When Guardian hack Oliver Burkeman went to see a soccer match for the first time, he suggested to this friend that “there’d be no fun in supporting a team that was guaranteed to win every match 6-0, would there?” Actually, says his friend, that would be great. And for all of Liverpool’s travails, they still win more often than they lose. It is, in short, a penance.

But what of the neutral, the dispassionate observer who revels in the pursuit of excellence by perfectly-honed specimens of humanity? Well, if that’s the case you shouldn’t be watching team sports which exist only to satisfy the partisan bloodlust of the committed. You can admire the artistry of Lionel Messi or John Mullane all you like, but constraints are put on them by being in a team. They can never reach their full potential due to the club-footed pygmies that surround them. You might as well try to appreciate the beauty of the Mona Lisa through frosted glass – it’s all there, but it’s distorted to the point of uselessness. Better to give into the bloodlust. At least then you’ll have company.

There’s individual sports, of course. You can watch Usain Bolt and just marvel at the sight of him, and I must confess to being agog last night at the sheer beauty of David Rushida’s world record run in the 800m. Sadly, you can’t watch any individual without thinking ‘drugs’. There are different degrees of unbelievableness to outstanding performances. For example, it’s nigh-on impossible to believe that Lance Armstrong could win seven Tour De France yellow jerseys while being the only one who was clean. At the other end of the spectrum you’d like to think Katie Taylor is clean, but you can never be certain because of the pervasiveness of drugs. Equestrian seems to e sport which is nowhere facing up to the problem. The man who received Cian O’Connor’s tainted gold, Rodrigo Pessoa, would have his results from the Beijing soccer games annulled for doping offences. Closer to home Jessica Kuerten, who refused to compete in an Aga Khan Cup team with O’Connor in 2005, would herself be done for doping in 2007. She vigorously protested their innocence, and maybe she was right that it was all a procedural error.

You can’t watch sport these days though without a fair degree of jaundice. The yellow complexion is doubtless a symptom of the drugs. Initially I started this post with the intention of denouncing the corrosive influence of money in sport and how the GAA would do well to stay away from it. 700 words on and I haven’t the energy for it, something no amount of amphetamines would fix. Remembering how a former inter-county Minor hurler of my acquaintance informed me that his college roommate of a similar standing was popping pills like Dr House should have dissuaded me of the purity of the GAA a long time ago. ‘Sport’ is amoral. Individual sports are arguably more virtuous than others, but if you want it to be pure there’s only one way to be certain – play it yourself.
*Title used with h/t to The OnionShare this:…

Natural way of cleansing pigmentation

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Knowing the formula of these three types of mask, you will no longer fear skin problems such as freckles, freckles.
Nourishing our skin is very poorly ugly. Instead of going to a costly spa treatment, try the following three methods, which are very economical and result in no less expensive methods.

1. fresh pineapple
The fruit is easy to find and the price is also very cheap but the pineapple component can help you remove the blot from the burn and restore the skin white, light, smooth initially.
Canned pineapple treatment is a method used by many sisters
– Fresh coconut
– Pineapple peeled, remove the ears, cut into thin slices.
– Apply the pineapple slices on the skin to become pigmented. Keep on skin for 10-15 minutes and rinse with clean water.
Note: Because pineapple is powerful for skin, you should not apply to normal skin. And after using pineapple, absolutely apply sunscreen every time out to protect the skin.

2. Banana ripen
Not only good for health, banana also have a very good effect to nourish skin with skin care products , beauty of the sisters especially to burn.
– Ripe bananas
– Yogurt without sugar
Blend half a banana ripe with sugar-free yogurt and mix well into a homogeneous mixture.
Use a mixture to cover face for 15 – 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
– Apply 2 – 3 times / week to get the best results. Hard work in 2 weeks you will see progress on the face.

3. Papaya
Science has proven that the papaya composition is capable of treating pigmentation very effectively, not inferior to expensive cosmetics.
– ripen enough
– Coffee
– Yogurt without sugar
– Mix papaya and then mix well with coffee and yogurt without sugar until the mixture is homogeneous.
– Apply the mixture to the skin 15 – 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Applied twice a week for positive results.

You will see the area of ​​the skin fades after several application! Good luck!…

Injection typically performed by a surgeon

Restylane is an injectable filler comprised of non-animal, non-human manufactured hyaluronic acid. This clear gel filler can be used for facial contouring, lip enhancement, and to fill in wrinkles and lines for your new look. Good candidates for Restylane injections include men and women who are physically healthy, realistic in their expectations and looking to add fullness to the lips or improve the appearance of the facial skin. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not undergo Restylane treatment.

The Restylane injection is typically performed in a surgeon’s office and takes between fifteen and thirty minutes to complete. Local anesthesia, topical anesthesia or a numbing agent may be used. During the procedure, the Restylane is injected in small amounts directly into the skin using a very fine needle. There is minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime. Though some swelling or redness may occur during the first few days after treatment, work and other normal activities can usually be resumed right away. Ice packs can help to minimize any irritation that patients experience. Exercise and alcohol consumption should be avoided for about six hours after treatment, and patients should avoid sunbathing and cold outdoor activities for about one week.
Restylane treatment is associated with few complications, though side effects of swelling and redness may occur. The duration of results will vary, but patients can generally expect results to last about six months.

Juvederm is a smooth gel injectable filler made of hyaluronic acid. It can be used to treat facial wrinkles ranging from fine lines like crow’s feet and peri-oral wrinkles to deeper lines like forehead wrinkles, glabellar lines, nasal furrows, cheek wrinkles, and naso-genian folds. Juvederm may also be used to treat acne scars and other facial imperfections, enhance the lips and contour the facial features. Juvederm comes in three concentrations: Juvederm 18, Juvederm 24 and Juvederm 24HV. Good candidates for Juvederm treatment include men and women who are physically healthy, realistic in their expectations and looking to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles or facial features or add fullness to the lips. Patients with severe allergies, particularly to bacterial proteins, may not be good candidates for Juvederm.

The Juvederm injection is typically performed in a surgeon’s office and can take between five and thirty minutes to complete. Patients may first be given a topical anesthetic, local anesthetic or a nerve block. A very fine needle is used to inject the Juvederm directly into the skin, after which the treated area is then gently massaged to ensure even distribution. Patients may experience some redness, swelling or discomfort at the injection site for several days after treatment. Nevertheless, recovery is minimal and patients can commonly return to work and other activities right away. The results of Juvederm may last up to six months or longer.

Botox may be used to smooth lines of the upper face including frown lines, forehead lines and lines around the eyes, and to soften wrinkles of the neck. Botox works by relaxing the underlying muscles and provides a dramatic improvement for wrinkling of the upper face, best for a makeover look. It may also be used to decrease excess perspiration occurring in the underarms or on the palms of the hands.

Collagen Injections
We have nineteen years of experience in Collagen Replacement Therapy. Collagen is the only true way to replace lost or damaged collagen in the skin, effectively plump smile lines, softening facial lines and creating more beautiful lips. Collagen is not just injections, it’s an art.…

North Bay and District Dental Society

The North Bay and District Dental Society is voluntary organization composed of licensed dentists who have joined together to advance the art and science of dentistry.
We are a component society of the Ontario Dental Association.

The Society’s mission is to:
* Ensure the public’s access to quality oral health care.
* Promote the highest standards of dental practice.
* Represent the interests of the dental profession as a whole, more specifically within our area.
* Provide a forum for professional communication within the dental community.
Continuing education (CE) is an important part of our multifaceted profession. It enables us to grow not only professionally but also personally. It can teach us ways to de-stress our lives as well as inform us of new treatments and procedures. NBDDS is a strong advocate of continuing education for it’s members. It was through the hard work of our members that top quality courses are available from time to time right here in North Bay. In addition, as a group we also share professional knowledge and skills through frequent study club meetings.

The society was founded in 1934. Because continuing education opportunities were difficult to access at the time, the original purpose was to share professional knowledge in an informal manner. Soon after being founded our opportunities to serve the community were realized. Working hard the NBDDS has had several achievements for the benefit of dental health in this community.
They are:
1950’s – before government assisted programs NBDDS dentists volunteered one day a week to provide dental care to underprivileged children.
1963 – the society helped win the fluoridation plebiscite for the city. Since fluoride has been added to the North Bay drinking water, children have enjoyed less cavities.
1971- the dental assistants course started at Canadore Co11ege. This was initially staffed entirely by volunteer dental assistants and dentists fast teeth whitening Swansea. This was a very positive step for the community as without well-trained dental auxiliaries the administration of quality dental care is at best difficult. As a society we still support all dental programs at the college.
I971- NBDDS started the Mouthguard clinic. Working with Wyatt Dental Laboratory , we fabricated athletic rnouthguards for hockey and football players This program continues today.
1970’s- The dental professional community organized the first annual Dental Public Health Week. For twenty years now we have raised much awareness about preventative dentistry with our mall display . As with many of our programs, we share this effort and glory with our dental assistants, dental hygienists ,and Wyatt and Impact Dental Laboratories.

What we do
Mouthguard Clinic
To prevent injuries while playing contact sports we recommend the use of a custom fabricated mouth guard.
Sports such as hockey, football squash,, broomball, ringette, soccer, martial arts or basketball are considered contact. We felt it was so important our school athletes playing these sports have access to a custom mouthguard at an affordable price that we started this program some twenty years ago.
Emergency Call System
The On-call system is run by the NBDDS. The dentists who participate do so on a volunteer basis. The purpose is to treat patients who have a “true emergency” only.
What is Considered a “true emergency” ?
facial swelling and infection a toothache too much to tolerate and not relieved by over the counter pain-killers
dental accidents (chipped tooth, knocked out tooth, etc.)
post-surgical pain and swelling where your dentist is not available
Sorry, a lost or broken denture is not considered a true emergency, please see your dentist during regular office hours If you have a “true emergency” call your dentist and he will deal with your problem. If your dentist is unavailable or you do not have one, there is a dentist available around the clock.

NBDDS Directory of Dentist
What services the dentist provides to you at the time of an emergency is based entirely on his/her professional discretion. That this service is available is in no way a substitute for regular preventive visits to a dentist during his/her office hours. Dental emergency and injury prevention is your best bet. For starters, wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports. Secondly, if you suspect you have a problem please see a dentist before it becomes a painful emergency. Lastly, learn what to do in the event of an emergency.

Dental Health Week
Every year, on the Saturday of the easter weekend, the NBDDS in co-operation with the hygienist’s and assistant’s associations have a display at a local mall ( usually the Northgate Square) to raise dental health awareness in the community. In past few years the display has been very popular with the people of all age groups. Some of the featured attractions include Barber shop singers, the Wrigley’s beaver, colouring contests and prize draws. The best thing is no one leaves empty-handed as product samples, generously donated by the dental companies, are given free to all patrons. In addition to all the fun, dentists, hygienists and assistants are on hand to answer all your dental-related questions.

Patient Relations.
Organized dentistry recognizes a responsibility toward dentists and patients by addressing disagreements regarding quality of care and professional conduct. Local patient relations committees
are operating throughout Ontario communities can mediate patient complaints in an attempt to find a mutually satisfactory resolution. These committees have no disciplinary authority and function only as an intermediary to re-establish communication between dentists and patients when misunderstandings occur. All complaints must be submitted in writing. Remember to include copies of all relevant correspondence, such as bills, explanation of benefits statements, or letters to or from your dentist.…

Wealth Creation Planning

You’ve got or had a successful business or career, you’ve saved and invested, and now you want your assets to yield the best possible income for your retirement. We’ll advise you on the best structure and administration of your assets so that you maximize the income, and protect and grow your assets. Along with our Self Managed Super Fund and Estate Planning Services Abeveda, we’ll help you to invest and nurture your assets for your retirement, and beyond.


Estate Planning
Keep it in the family Don’t let everything you have worked for go to the tax office! With sufficient planning you can make sure your loved ones receive as much as possible of your legacy. We’ll work with your lawyers to ensure the best overall result for your beneficiaries, protecting your assets and utilizing all the available tax free transfers and thresholds.

General Advice for Growing Businesses
So you’ve got your financial statements. What do they tell you? We’ll help you to interpret your historical results and work with you to identify opportunities to improve performance and achieve your business goals. From using technological marketing tactics to improve sales performance, to ways of cutting costs or managing cash, we’ll offer you support and advice to keep you on track.

Start up Businesses
Just starting a business and unclear about what you have to do to stay on the right side of the tax office? Do you know what you can claim on your tax return, and what benefits are available to you as a small business? Have you spent money developing a new product?

Many people have bright ideas that could turn into a real money spinner. But without the correct information and systems to control the Accounting finances, analyse how well the business is doing, and meet reporting deadlines, promising businesses can turn into a drain on resources, and create a lot of stress.

When it comes to start-up or young businesses, you can trust us to give you sound advice and make sure you haven’t forgotten something that can later come back to bite you. We’ve assisted clients in many high tech, developing technology and niche industries to set up their businesses correctly, claim all the tax breaks available to them, and provide accurate and timely information on their business results to help them steer it in the right direction. New industries are our favorite challenge, and we’ll use our extensive experience and creative thinking to find the right solution for you.

Examples of areas where we can really help new businesses are:

Make sure that you have the most efficient business structure – be it sole trader, trust, partnership or proprietary company.
Advise you on all the paperwork you need to file to register your business.
Advise you on all the expenses you can claim in set up mode and ongoing operations, with particular attention to Research & Development.
Help you determine whether there are government grants or other funds available to you
Help you set up bookkeeping, record keeping, accounting systems and procedures to capture data accurately and on time.
Ensure your tax invoices are set up correctly and contain the appropriate information.
Set up and manage your payroll, PAYG, BAS returns, and management accountants.
Provide regular data to you on the performance and profitability of your business so that you can make timely decisions on where you focus your efforts and cash.
We’ll ensure you build the strong roots and foundations for your business to grow and flourish.…

Pole Dance stroking movements

Pole Dance has simply captured the world – as a dance and as a sport. Many viewers, who are familiar with it, like Striptease dance , believe that this is debauchery, and that it is impossible to seriously deal with it. But almost everyone says it’s beautiful. And those who are familiar with it from the side of sports – like Pole Dance , believe that this is cool. But they say that something is missing in it. And it’s not as beautiful as a striptease. And that it’s still more of a sport. So what’s the difference, and where is that beauty facet? Let’s start with a striptease. Striptease in English is to undress and tease. What you see in any nightclub strip club in Moscow. But more on that later. So, the dance Striptease is a dance where the girls go on stage, make different, beautiful movements by the pole,

A couple of uncomplicated twists, a little orchestra and of course, during the dance, the girl gradually undresses. In some clubs, she will remain naked. And some clubs adhere to topless, i.e. Bare chest. In principle, nothing complicated – a good suit, beautiful music, beautiful make-up – that’s the purpose of this dance – undressing, teasing. And no one expected a striptease dancer, racks and acrobatic stunts until the Pole Dance appeared . So, Pole Dance . This is a dance where stroking movements that resemble erotic are forbidden. Here, no one pays much attention to costume and make-up .

Here, you’ll see very few people on their heels, it’s at best – jazz or ballet, and at worst – barefoot. Here, music exists by itself, and the girl – by herself, But it’s a crazy stretch, an excellent performance of complex tricks, it’s no less complicated twists and bunches. There is no eroticism, undressing and communicating with the public through the game. This is a complex acrobatic sport. So why do you often confuse one with another? And what do you really want?

What else do you miss? Yes, of course – a pole. But before I introduce you to Pole Danching , I would like you to visit the lessons of AVT , as you will need a good strength in the muscles of the hands and feet. And your subject number 4 – AVT + Stretching . Well, the last thing you need to master for the full picture of the cherished dance,
Many schools make a huge mistake, focusing only on stretching and Pole Dance . Six months later, at one of the reporting concerts, it is very clear on the stage that girls are not wearing high heels, and some people do not wear them at all. That their movements are like aerobics, and even though they are complex, the movements do not have beauty, the eyes do not transmit fire, the person does not carry the image and the soul is absolutely empty. In a word, sport, not dance. Undoubtedly, in my Studio I combine and share several, namely 5 different genres. To combine these genres together is my and your goal. Since the dance to which we aspire, must be perfect and of inescapable beauty. If you still want to know all that you have read here, then you are on the right track and Welcome to the Pole Dance School!…

Energy systems within home for tree services

Tree surgeon servicesAs a result of industry and environmental demand, Erskine Tree Surgeons Ltd now supplies seasoned split firewood in varying sizes and quantities. Using wood as a biomass fuel helps promote a sustainable environment for heating and energy systems within the home, office or garden areas.

All timber is obtained and processed ‘in house’, eliminating possibility of contaminated wood and ensuring that quality is maintained.

Erskine Tree Surgeons Ltd is also aware that standard packaging sizes do not always fit the criteria required by our clients and would be happy to discuss your demand.

Seasoned dry and wet wood is available in a wide range of broadleaf and coniferous species.

Bag sizes range from 52 x 82 cm (inside measurement) to 1 tonne.

Split logs can be purchased from our retail yard in Hillington or alternatively pre-ordered and delivered by telephone or online request.

Delivery charge may be applied.

For full details and price lists please phone 0141 812 1791 and a member of staff will be happy to help. Using wood as a biomass fuel helps promote a sustainable environment for heating and energy systems within the home for tree services.


Woodchip is an effective material in replenishing soil nutrients and reducing growth rates of those unwanted weeds. Secondary to the environmental benefits, laying woodchip within bedding areas helps to enhance garden amenity.

Woodchip comprises of various mixed broadleaf and coniferous species.

Bag sizes range from 52 x 82 cm (inside measurement) to 1 tonne.

Pre-bagged woodchips can be purchased from our retail yard in Hillington or alternatively pre-ordered and delivered by telephone or online request.
Delivery charge may be applied.
For full details and price lists please phone 0141 812 1791 and a member of staff will be happy to help.
Christmas Trees
Erskine Tree Surgeons Ltd now supplies and delivers real Christmas trees and wreaths! Offering a wide range in species type and size; that will suit every home or garden. Tree stands and potted varieties are also available.
Fraser Fir Nordman Fir Norway Spruce
Noble & Holly Wreaths & Swags

We also offer a removal services for after the holiday period or if you chose to buy a potted species then why not re-plant for next year!

Here at Erskine Tree Surgeons Ltd we also retail locally handcrafted wood turned Christmas ornaments. Ornaments can be displayed as seen below or why not arm the kids with arts and crafts to obtain a decoration that will fill the home with an added Christmas festivity.

For full details and price lists please phone Tree Surgeons Experts and a member of staff will be happy to help.

Hand Turned Wood Crafts

Now retailing locally hand turned wood crafts for the home or garden areas; in a variety of broadleaf and coniferous woods. Please have a look at our sample stock below. If you have something specific in mind then why not contact us for more details. Orders can be made on request.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are now available on our full product and services range. These are great gift ideas that are both original and practical. Amounts are specific to individual request. For more details please feel free to contact us.…

About Accident Chiropractor Services

Chiropractor serviceWhen you get in an accident, you can do things to your back that would require your insurance to reimburse you for. Many people are afraid if they go to an accident chiropractor service, it will end up costing their insurance providers a lot more money. When insurance providers feel you have too much costs going out, they will raise your rates or possibly even drop you as a client. This can leave you in a bad predicament.

The truth of the matter is, when you see a chiropractor for back problems that occurred during an accident, you actually lower your overall healthcare spending by thirty percent a year. You do have to look if your insurance will even cover a chiropractor. Some of them even put limits on how much you can spend with an alternative medicine. Some insurance companies don’t accept any form of alternative medicine for coverage. An accident chiropractor service will help you to keep your overall health care bills down, see this.

Making Decisions

When you are looking at your insurance, you have to decide if there are limits which areas would help you the most. If it is a back injury, you may elect to have an accident chiropractor service oversee your problem. You should make sure your accident chiropractor service is a reputable service. Just because they have certificates and licenses, doesn’t mean they are very good in their profession. Ask around at the type of accident chiropractor service they gave other clients, and if possible get some decent referrals.

Injuries with the back can be a problem. If the problem isn’t taken care of, the rest of the muscles and joints will compensate for the injured area. This will contribute to problems with those muscles and joints. Your accident chiropractor service knows the sooner you get the problem fixed, the better off you will be. It’s like a chain reaction. One problem will lead to another one. The accident chiropractor service has a philosophy. The body can heal itself. As long as it’s not a disease that needs modern medicine, you may find this useful.

Many accident chiropractor services will help in insurance cases. They can give information that can be a benefit to you and help you win your case as well. Do some research on the internet as to what accident chiropractor service will be able to do that for you. Not every service will be able to help, but there are those that specialize in just accidents. These people will help you as much as any doctor will. They are professionals who can help you feel better and get the answers you need.

An accident chiropractor is beneficial when you have been through an accident that revolves around the neck or spine. Many people are afraid to go to an accident chiropractor because they feel it will make the hospital bills go up even higher. Insurances don’t like many claims. It would be devastating, if in this situation, to have the insurance company raise rates or even worse, cancel your policy.
An accident chiropractor will help you to alleviate the pain you feel in your body. They will do this in a natural process without using drugs or surgical procedures. They will work at maintaining a balance in your body so that the pain can be kept under control or eliminated. An accident chiropractor is also ideal because they are trained in the art of injuries. They will be able to help your case as much as any doctor would. In fact, many doctors don’t always help a case because they are angry you are going to more than one doctor.

Knowing From Experience

An accident chiropractor knows from experience with other clients what you are going through. They will teach you the best exercises you can promote to be able to deal with the pain and discomfort. They realize that when your back is hurts that means your spine is out of alignment. When the spine is out of alignment, it can have a chain reaction. Many other muscles and joints will become inflamed from trying to compensate for the injured part of the body. The accident chiropractor will know what needs to be done to get you back on track.

You should go see an accident chiropractor if you have been in any sort of accident that involves an injury. An accident chiropractor can also use x-rays to help you with your case. They understand without the x-ray, more damage can be done to the injury if it’s not done right. They will use their hands instead of tools to correct the pain you are feeling. An accident chiropractor is best used for insurance purposes and they won’t get angry if you have to see another doctor as they know referrals are a part of their job.

A good accident chiropractor will make you feel good when you go to see them. They will have a good personality and will be enthusiastic about treating you. With the good attitude and good care, you won’t want to see anyone else but your accident chiropractor.…

Dentist success Stories

best Dentist How Dr. Dolson Tripled his Profits in Less Than 2 years!
“Ed, Thanks for giving me the marketing tools, coaching advice and over-all confidence that propelled my practice from $300,000 to over $1,000,000 in less than 2 years! November was our best month ever! Your systems have made all the difference.”

Dr. Mark Dolson, O’Fallon, MO
Instant R.O.I. for Dr. Blitzer: 22 New Patients and over $20,000 billed—in 9 days!
“Ed, your marketing system works like magic! Your New Mover direct mail system just delivered 22 new patients and more than $20,000—in less than 10 days! I’ve worked with marketing consultants and advertising pros before, but no one has come close to delivering the results like you. Thank you so much!”
Dr. Seth Blitzer, Broomall, PA

In the First 6 Months!
One of my clients, Dr. Terri Watson wrote me and said, “Before I received Ed’s Free Dental Marketing Report in teeth whitening and CD, My average production through Sept. ’06 was nearly $70K but as of October 31,2006 we produced over $100K!” Dave and Jill Sisson were two weeks from Bankruptcy when they came across this very same Dental Marketing and Internet Dental Marketing Free Report and CD

Dr. Dave Sisson and Jill Sisson,
Walnut Creek Dental
Patient has agreed to the proposed treatment plan of $15,000!!!!!
I am a “newbie” to the group and I have begun the 90 day crash course. I am following your instructions and I sent out my first round of reactivation letters 2 weeks ago. I sent out about 200 of your reactivation letters ( the one you suggested on the navigator) and I received 5 calls from old patients wanting to make appointments. Well, one of the five came in this week and we did a full mouth series of x-rays and comprehensive exam. Almost every tooth needed mandatory treatment. The patient has agreed to the proposed treatment plan of $15,000!!!!! Thanks Ed for the copy which attracted this patient. Looking forward to continued success utilizing your proven systems!

Dr. Jacqueline S. Martin Washington, D.C.
“Ed, thanks to you and your fantastic systems I have been able to ramp up my practice over the last 3 years to the point where I increased my net income 4 times! Now I wasn’t struggling to begin with but I had a dream to create an autopilot dental producing machine and you have made that come true!”

Dr. Chuck Stewart
You are one crazy dude… I have one wicked sense of humor and love “spreading the wealth” with some dentist friends whom I allow to abuse my brain for free for consulting purposes, but when I mentioned what one of the things did that we used of yours, they didn’t believe me!

Mary Jakobowski
I would like to personally thank you for the great positive influence you have been in my life and career. I’ve been a silver member since October 2005. The growth has been unbelievable both personally and financially. In 2005 my collections were at $613,000. In 2006 they jumped to $857,000 and in 2007 we collected $1,300,000.
Anthony J. Ermocida, D.M.D.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think what a difference Dentist Profits would make. I have to say I was a bit skeptical about Ed’s system…until now. Going into November, it wasn’t looking good. Liz(my wife and practice manager) packed my bag and put me on the plane to the big conference November 8.. I didn’t really know what to expect.

Greg Prior
Hi all, I’m a dentist from Israel , and as far as I can recall I joined DPS at April 2007 and got Ed’s material. At first I was overwhelmed by the huge quantity of things to go over, but having a commitment to speed, started to implement right away.
Dr. Meir Aviram – Israel
“What is amazing about Dentist Profits and their program “Care to Share” program is that it gets the staff and patients involved. We have introduced it about 2 weeks ago, and the energy in my staff has increased tremendously. In addition, just yesterday we got 8 new patients referred to our office from the Care to Share program. The cost for this marketing idea is practically zero. Any dentist wanting to increase their referral ratio MUST implement this.”…

Fence away from tree branches

Organize the trees or wood by using this best log splitter, homeowners that typically burn two to 10 cords of wood annually will appreciate the productivity of an electric wood splitter. These relatively light weight machines are compact and easy to maneuver and store. High spots like mounds or rocks, even trees can aid a predator to access your enclosure and attack your livestock. Position your fence away from tree branches which may interfere with your fence in windy conditions, or trim well back these trees.

They operate using standard household current. This makes the trees unusable for some remoted areas unless you can provide or have an access to a generator that provides power. This machine or Hydraulic electric wood splitters are best known to be safe and quiet nice way to use. Because they don’t burn gasoline and do not produce any toxic fumes, they are environmentally friendly and can be used indoors. With the production for these log splitters machine, it is depending on the several factors, diameter of the log, hardness of the piece of wood and the splitting force of the machine.

Should you need a log splitter, you’ve got a range of getting a manual splitter, electric, or gasoline powered. A manual splitter will nevertheless provide you with leverage on the axe just with regards to conserving your energy, but may not be faster. Electric log splitters get you power and speed, and also the gasoline powered versions can do the identical. Light fishing line tied to gates and doors will give you advanced notification that someone is coming if this fishing line is connected to a bell or other warning device in or around your home. All it needs is a few cheap eye hooks screwed into buildings or trees back to your home and connected to the warning device.

Many people consider electric splitters to be one of the safest options on the market, especially when you consider the risk of cutting wood manually. Even so, you are working with a dangerous piece of equipment and it is important that you are wearing the appropriate safety gear and have read all of the accompanying manuals. In case you have never got such a log splitter before, it’s better to do some review just before getting one. Any weakness in your fence will become apparent after a good wet spell where the ground becomes soft and then movement can take place with posts which are under pressure from tight wire. When you have correctly installed and supported your corner posts, then attach a line “string” tightly from post to post at ground level. Not merely could you need to stop paying a lot of cash on anything without properly studying it-log splitters could cost in prices from some A hundred dollars to thousands, and they are just home use designs.

You also want to consider the cost of the oral appliance the particular benefits we get instead of doing the work yourself.…